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Lego Brickbrain



'Lego Playbox' is a in-store experience that excels engagement between shoppers and children. One Show asked us to create a unique experience through LEGO stores, aimed to bring back customers with the educational spirit of LEGO Playbox.


Awards: 2016 One Show Lego Playbox Campaign(Gold, Silver, Bronze)


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Glaad to be proud



Glaad Snapchat filter helps LGBT users to come out to their fellow peers through Snapchat's live story.


Awards: 2017 New York ADDYs (Silver)


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BBC Factcheck



#BBCfactcheck is a fact-checking platform from BBC to prevent fake journals and hoaxes around the internet.


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Uber Tap&Go



Awards: 2017 Graphis (Platinum)

- Featured in 2017 Graphis cover page.


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