Joon Ahn
Art Director / Designer




Hi, my full name is Joon Ho Ahn but you can call me Joon. I’m an art director who spies the chance to great work under great people or becoming one.

I was raised in South Korea, but my curiosity brought me to the US by way of Hong Kong and England. What I learned from hovering around the world is to survive at any type of situation, so let me know if you need a substitute actor for Cast Away 2.

I love making or helping things happen (not only in art direction, like anything) in both quirky or smart way. Also. I’m a slobbery ad and film lover who is down to talk about derailed concept or shooting stuff all night so let me know that too.

I’m always down to grab a coffee or beer. So, if you'd like to get to know me, feel free to hit me up!


ps. Joon is looking for art director gig 24/7.


E-mail :

Mobile : +1(347) 567 4067